Friday, January 31, 2014

Music is Life - Scrapbook Layout


I switched up the order of my posts just a little bit today, as I promised a new card, but haven't yet finished editing videos. If you visited hoping to see that, please be flexible and join me again in a few days for that post.

Meanwhile, just recently I started trying out some new techniques for scrapbooking - at least new to me! I've used these before for card making, but not for my scrapbooks. I've been a more traditional scrapbooker for years, but now I'm attempting to enter the 21st Century!  :-)

I've used a sketch for this page from my newly-purchased book, A Year of Sketches: 52 Scrapbook Sketches - 2013, by Lisa Echerd of Lisa E Design. I can highly recommend this sketchbook to give you some fabulous layout ideas for any number of photos. On top of that, there are links to Lisa's highly popular YouTube process videos. Check it out!

Sample page from Lisa Echerd's newly-published Sketchbook

Here's the page I made from Lisa's wonderful sketch. As you can see, I switched it up just a little bit here and there.  I started with a plain white 12" x 12" piece of cardstock. I used a painting stencil, 30599 Debbie's Floral, from Plaid Folk Art, and applied Ranger Distress Ink in Broken China and Peeled Paint colors to make the flower "frames" for my photos. Then I used some teal Heidi Swapp Color Shine mist to add extra color and interest to the page.

I affixed the two photos of my husband and sister-in-law on a navy blue piece of cardstock, and cut out two "tickets" and two deckle-edge circles for embellishment.

And did I mention I'm so very proud of them both for pursuing their love of music? They're both very talented musicians, and I love it when I get to hear them play. As a side note for any of you who may have played an instrument years ago, but gave it up as an adult, I hope you'll check out the New Horizons International Music Association. This group has spread across the world, offering new opportunities to older musicians, or even those who have never played before. I'm happy to say I helped start the Catawba Valley New Horizons Band in Hickory, NC, and it's still going strong.

But back to my page. I located some complementary designer paper for the horizontal strips and printed out some journaling on vellum. I decided to go for a transparent paper for journaling so that I didn't cover up my great stencil pattern on the bottom right corner. Finally, I added the title, Music is LIFE, along the bottom of the photos.

I must say, starting from a sketch made this page go very quickly. I'm absolutely delighted with the results! I enjoyed using some of my card techniques on this scrapbook page as well. I could get used to this!

Well, that's it for another day. Thanks for joining me, and I hope you'll come again soon. Happy crafting!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Caught Your Heart - FTHS January Stamp of the Month


Today I'm featuring the January stamp of the month by From the Heart Stamps. It seems particularly appropriate as we are busily making our annual Valentine creations.

This cute little kitty is doing what many kitties do: holding a heart. So, 'fess up now.  Is there a kitty holding your heart? 

I will forever remember the time when I was small, and my grandmother always had a cat about. I can remember two that captured me especially. One was a big old tomcat guessed it, Tom! Tom weighed 18 pounds and loved to curl up in my lap, purr, and fall asleep while he got a good rub. 

Then there was "Kitty Baby." Ha! Guess we weren't very original, huh? Kitty Baby was a Persian-Angora mix. She was a deep dusty shade of bluish-gray and had really long fur. I loved her dearly and she was a great addition to our extended family. Then, disaster struck. I was tested for allergies, and being found positive for cats, my grandmother decided it wouldn't do to have Kitty Baby in the house when I visited on weekends.  I was devastated when she gave our little blue angel to my cousin in the next state! Oh my, it was a terrible time. After many years of owning dogs as an adult, I can only imagine how hard that must have been for her. Still, I knew it was only her great love for me that made her do it.

Well, back to my card. This little cutie is colored with Copic Sketch markers. It also features a Fiskar's heart border punch in red, along with a couple of pink papers and plaid pink and white ribbon.

Here's a close-up shot of some of the coloring. I had a lot of fun with stripes in this image.

I repeated the heart border in one of the same papers on the inside of the card to add interest. This card will go to someone in the family who's a cat lover. who will it be? So many choices!

Some of you may realize this card used sketch challenge #50 at From the Heart Stamps. As usual, I missed the challenge deadline, which typically comes around much faster than I have time or energy to meet. Oh well, it's still a nice sketch. In fact, I'll be flipping it to feature another cute Valentine card in my next post. After that, I have a new scrapbook page lined up to share.

Thanks for joining me. There are lots of exciting new projects coming up, including a new crocheted lap afghan with an interesting stitch. For those digging out from Winter Storm Leon, or experiencing these extreme, low temperatures in the single digits, I pray you're safe and warm. Peace.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wrist Warmers Using Front Post and Back Post Double Crochet

Hello.  Welcome to Karen's Creative.

Today, I want to share a fun crochet project making Lacy Wrist Warmers. You can find the pattern for these particular ones here at FaveCrafts. (This web address was active as of today's post, but if the link ever breaks, contact me through this blog, and I'll try to get it for you. You may be asked to submit your e-mail for free access to patterns at FaveCrafts. Not certain.)

This pattern calls for two yarn colors, but they can easily be made from a single color. I've done both, and it's really not difficult either way.

You may also wish to make some additional adjustments to this pattern. For example, I left out the next-to-last row, as the wrist warmers were already long enough, and I don't like them too close to my fingers. Second, be sure to check your gauge, and change your crochet hook size up or down, depending on your recipient's hand size.

I've made several pairs of these for myself, family, and friends, and everyone just loves them!  I use them at home when my office gets cold and I'm working on the computer. I can also use them in my office at work. Warmth never goes out of style. :-)  But who needs a reason to wear them?  If your
hands are cold, grab a pair and make yourself comfy!

This pattern features front post double crochet and back post double crochet. This is much simpler than it sounds, but for those who may not have tried it, here's a short video to take you through it step-by-step.

I hope this has given you the confidence you need to tackle this quick, fun project. No need for cold hands any more! Advanced level crocheters can finish these in a few hours.  I can easily do 1 to 1 1/2 pieces per night after work.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll join me again soon for a couple of new card projects. May God bless!