Friday, November 22, 2013

Get "Well"

My mother sent me an obituary from my hometown a few days ago. A "girl" I went to high school with passed away this week. It isn't the first time someone my age has died, and I suppose it's to be expected as I advance in years.

I hadn't seen my high school classmate in years - and didn't know she'd been sick. How sorry I am that life was so short for her - although who's to say?  Perhaps we assume that more years is better. Yet, sometimes we see (or hear of) people who do more living in 10 or 20 years than some of us will ever do in 90.  I hope she packed a lot of living into her 55 years.

As I read her final tribute, I began to ponder the "Get Well" cards I put in the mailbox just Monday morning. There were three of them. One was for cancer, one for a stroke, and the third was for a cousin hospitalized for days with severe bronchitis.  

It occurred to me today, though, that we probably should send out more of these than we do.  There are many more sicknesses than just those of the body, although there are plenty of those to go around. There are sicknesses of the mind, the spirit, the heart, the world, etc.  Do we send out enough cards to those who suffer from one of these? Why not?

It seems to me that the world has a serious lack of encouragement. Physical illnesses can generally be seen, but what about the others? That may be more difficult to detect.  What does it mean to us to "get well"?  Is the sentiment only for the body?  Would someone not physically ill understand if they received a get well card?

Today I'm featuring a get well card - in the traditional sense. This digital image is called "Drenched" and is sold by From the Heart Stamps. I truly enjoyed coloring this darling image with my Copic Sketch markers in primarily purple and gold colors. It isn't visible in this picture, but I used Glossy Accents to make the raindrops and water puddle shine.

The image is die cut using Spellbinders Nestabilities Labels Eight - and offset, with the left border trimmed. The purple Bazzill textured cardstock is punched with Fiskars' Sunburst border punch, which appears to be discontinued. The punch is used on the front of the card - and is repeated on the inside, using a staggered orientation to simulate the appearance of streaming water. I really enjoyed this effect!

As I look forward to the arrival of 2014, I making a resolution to "get well." While I have several chronic ailments, and it would be nice to be rid of them, my meaning will extend far beyond the physical. I'd like to attend to my spiritual health, the love(s) in my life, my attitude, and more. I'd like to focus on what's really important to me so that the world, whatever that may be next year, won't beat me to a pulp!

How about you?  What do you resolve to do, be, or have in 2014? What are your dearest desires?

Hope to see you back here soon. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful post, Karen. Yes, we should send out more 'get well' cards. We should probably do more of that than Happy Birthday or Happy Holidays. It is the low point when we need to send and receive emotional nourishment. Such a sweet card and I love the inside details!

  2. Hi Karen, this was a very insightful & thought provoking post. You had some deep thoughts to ponder here, and I agree with all you said. Sometimes the 'get well' for the spirit is even harder to heal than those of the body...especially in the world environment today, when so many depressing things are reported in the news, so much meanness from one person towards another. We have to remember that good & kind people still walk the earth (just take bloggers f' encouraging & kind they can be to newbies..). Your card is lovely, and I really did like your border treatment. Very unusual, and so effective. TFS & Happy T-day to you & your family too. So. Fla. got a little cold front, but it's still warmer than home at SC where I heard we had snow flurries yesterday am. Bright & sunny today, but a bit windy, and chilly. I'm inside, trying to catchup on enjoying some blogs, commenting, & waiting for time to put Mr. T in the oven. It's DD's call, so I'm just assisting where needed. Enjoy your day