Monday, April 15, 2013

Launch day! Welcome to my inaugural post!

Hi!  Welcome to the first post of my new blog. I’m honored that you’ve come my way. And for those of you who are stressing today because of the federal (U.S.) tax deadline, sit back and relax a few minutes and focus on something positive!
Today I am simply introducing myself and laying the groundwork for future posts. First, let’s talk about what my blog will be about.
Currently, I plan to focus mostly on crafting. I love several types of crafts, including card making, scrapbooking, and crochet.  I even occasionally knit on a circular loom, but I have little to offer by way of advice there. I’m still a novice and don’t practice enough to get better.  You can expect to see samples of my work, how-to’s, product reviews, crafting on a budget, personal anecdotes, and more.
In addition to crafting, I can say that I’m interested in lots of things. I’m intellectually curious, an avid reader, and a consumer of tons of media, including other blogs.  So, it’s quite likely that I’ll have varied content here.
What about frequency? I’m certain I'll post at least two or three times a week, but until I find my rhythm, I’m opting not to commit to any particular days.  (I’m a full-time professional employee, working 40 hours a week.)  In fact, I had planned to launch this blog on May 1, but that was before my very best friend (or for you “young-uns,” BFF) hooked me up with Julie Kirk’s “push-up bra blogging.”  Julie says to enhance what you already have, and it was incredibly liberating to list what I know and can write or talk about with ease.  That gave me the push I needed to just dive in head-first! Maybe you’re in the same boat and would like to check out Julie here AFTER you finish my post! It’s free, although she is asking for donations for Save the Children – a worthy cause.
So, that's enough about the site. Now here’s a little about me: My name is Karen Summey. For some reason, people often have trouble pronouncing my last name, so let’s clear that up straight off. My name rhymes with mummy, rummy, and tummy.  I could also say that it rhymes with dummy, but really…I don’t want you to remember that one!  
I am a native of western North Carolina (Hickory) and lived there until late 2010.  Then, I got a wonderful job offer and moved to eastern North Carolina. Now, it’s important to understand that as a person in her mid-50s, this is a tough time to finally run away from home!  I’ve been married for 30 years plus a few odd weeks, but most of our family (both my husband’s and mine) are still in the Hickory area.  We’ve adjusted to the move, mostly, but it’s tough to live 250 miles from parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews. If you’ve ever moved that kind of distance, you know how tough it is to find new friends, new doctors, new church, new shopping, etc. It’s exhausting!

There is one additional family member we brought along on the adventure.  She's our sweet baby...even if she is, technically, older than we are. She's a dachshund, also known as a wiener dog in these parts. (And let me warn you now, she'll probably "drop in" vocally every now and then. She gets so excited when I talk!)

Okay, so enough about me.  I’m sure you’ll learn more as time goes on, but for now I’d like to offer a short video gallery of some of my work. Then, if you like what you see in my blog, I’d be delighted to have you subscribe.
For your information, some of my card samples were made using From the Heart Digital Stamps. You'll see their logo at screen-right; for the record, I receive no compensation for endorsing their products.  I just happen to love them!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Congratulations on your inaugural post! I've been blogging for years and none of them are as good as this most wonderful post. I would say I want to be you but then that would mean I'd be married to my brother and that's just not right, LOL. Looking forward to reading every blog and being "challenged" to shape & refine my own and write more often. I like this format. I think I might finally leave Xanga . . . I'm not sure anyone is over there reading anyway. :-) Love you! Love to James and Winnie. MMMWWWAAHH!

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging! Fantastic first post and your cards are beautifully presented. Your readers will love getting to know you and seeing your beautiful creations. I may have to CASE that Lovely as a Tree card idea. I had no idea Winnie was the senior member of you household. That must be why she is the boss. :-) I've subscribed and will put a link to you on my blog in tomorrow's post.

  3. Congratulations Karen!! You are so talented in so many areas, I just can't wait to see where we go from here. Currently I'm knitting, but I would love to start scrapebook/card making. I've just not gotten the inspiration to get into it....however, with Blair getting married in 2015, I think it's time to start looking into it. Tutorials would be nice. I look forward to spending lots of time with you here. Again, congrats!!!

  4. What a wonderful way to introduce your blog. Very interesting & informative, humorous & making me look forward to learning to know you better. I see we are both avid readers. I love historical fiction (the well written kind, not the lurid design cover kind!). I have a kindle which I love, but still can't give up 'real' books. I'll check out Julie & see what she has to say. In the meantime, I'll read some more of your posts. (I really should be finishing up a card!) LOL