Friday, April 26, 2013

Word Play

Today I want to talk about word play...and finding a use for some of those stamps that may not have gotten much time on the work table! Some of my favorite stamps have animals on them. Coloring an image is easy...finding a way to use it on a card may not be.

Lately, though, I've been finding more and more creative sentiments that feature animals. For example, I made this cute card with a digital stamp from From the Heart Stamps. This is FTH's stamp of the month and was produced for their April stamp of the month challenge. I have to admit I used some very unusual colors on this one - for me! The card base is Bazzill Limeade (green), and the Copic markers feature yellow-green (YG), yellow-red (YR), blue (B), and dark earthtones (E) for the flower pot.

Notice the chicken in the pot, who is "just chicken in," or more commonly "just checking in." But you already got it, didn't you? Anyway, I love the play on words. I've recently discovered more of them and thought I'd share some examples, with a few key words in italics. Actually, I just made a number of these up!
It's a tall order, but...
Just stretch out and relax a while
I'm lookin' over a four-leaf clover
I'll always look out for you
Grin and bear (bare) it
It's been a bear of a day
Just the bear (bare) facts
Owl (all) aboard!
Owl always love you.
Owl go to my grave lovin' you...  (Halloween?)
I ain't lion (lying)'re the tops!
I'd be lion if I said...
It takes real courage to...
Have an ice day!
Brrr!  Baby it's cold outside!
All dressed up (penguin tuxedo)...and nowhere to go
Okay, so you get the idea. If some of these have sparked a few sentiments in your head, please leave a comment. I'd love to have more fabulous ideas for my greetings. The more the merrier.
Thanks for visiting, and may God bless!



  1. Those are so clever. I love the ones for the giraffe. Everyone loves to get a card with a cute animal.

  2. Hi, Karen! Your card is so cute and I love the sweet little image. So nice to meet you today and I wills see you in class tomorrow!

  3. Hi Karen, just joined as a follower and happy that you checked out my blog. Loved the bit on word play. My, you ARE so creative. You're spot on about coloring the images...then how to use as a card. THat's always my dilemma. Maybe we can inspire each other. This was a really cute card, and nifty & appropriate sentiment. Hope you had a good trip home. Hugs.